still life nr1

still life nr1

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

CHAPTER 10 : Project 4

Project 4 : A Waterscape

STAGE 1 : Visual Research

I was happy to find this place, very far from a crowded place, where no one will disturb my creative work.  Although I know that one day, I will go and paint somewhere more challenging where people will watch while I paint.
This is a place down the river Stort about five minutes from where I live.
I took a canvas 100 x 50 cm and decided to paint with acrylics again.  That type of paint is very good for outdoor painting as it dries quickly.

Why did I decide to paint exactly there?  When I was walking to find an inspiring place, I found this part of the river quit amusing as the colour of it was nearly black.
STAGE 2 : Painting And Reviewing


STAGE 3 : What have you Achieved?

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